Welcome to Factland

Factland is a free and open protocol for anyone to use. Its purpose is to gamify and incentivize communal fact-checking to remove the black box of research and evidence gathering. It’s also a progressively decentralizing product and organization.

We rely on two key assumptions:

  • If you believe what you say, you should have no problem staking something of value to prove it

  • A random jury of sufficient size is as good or better than a group of experts in determining what is true for a community

Using the Factland client, people can upload claims for community review and comment, share evidence and stake FACT tokens to vote on whether claims are true or false. Cases are decided by anonymous juries drawn randomly from the community to weigh the evidence and issue a verdict. Stakes are split between the winners, jurors and community investigators who contributed the best evidence.

The Factland App uses the Factland Protocol, which is a series of smart contracts that anyone can use to submit claims, stake, assemble juries, and submit jury verdicts.


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Evaluates the health and effectiveness of current fact checking methods in reducing and slowing the spread of false information online. Examines the pros and cons of a “trust-less” verification model based on Web3 technology and crowdsourcing.


Our mission is to slow the spread of misinformation online by making it easy for anyone to flag untrustworthy claims and have them promptly adjudicated by a decentralized community of fact checkers paid in FACT tokens. Our verdicts will be made available via an open API for any platform connected to the Internet to use as contextual labels on their content.

Beyond reviewing facts, Factland offers a new paradigm for achieving consensus, by inviting everyone to participate, encouraging active listening, and adversarial debate. All three have been shown in research to increase trust via inclusion, which traditional fact checking methods have either missed or actively undermined by creating the perception of bias.

Factland solves the unspoken gripe of the Internet: Why was I not consulted?

Last, the jury decisions delivered by Factland reflect not the opinion of elites, but the consensus view of the community.